Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · NOHS Atherton Rebellion Swim Results

The North Oldham swim team placed 2nd overall out of 8 teams at the Atherton Rebellion Swim Classic this past Saturday. Many NOHS swimmers contributed to this success. Jordan Parker led with 32 points, Brooke Payne 29 points, Harrison Albright 26 points Abby Schultz and Nathan Naber both with 24 points, Hayden Albright 23 points and Kelsie Mieczkowski and Oscar Kingsley both with 22 points. Congratulations North swim team.

The Medley A relay of Abby Schultz, Brooke Payne, Kelsie Mieczkowski and Kate Neville placed 2nd overall. The B relay team for the girls included Mackenzie Everett, Marya Mbaraka, Ashley Wectawski and Molly Conway placed 5th.

The Medley A relay team of Jordan Parker, Oscar Kingsley, Harrison Albright and Noah Miesner placed 1st overall. The B relay of Corey Singer, Tyler Wectawski, Nathan Naber and Hayden Albright placed 3rd. The C relay team for the boys included Andrew Masters, Ryan Mattingly, Michael Li and Hayden Roberts placed 6th.

In the 50 fly Ashley Wectawski placed 6th and Mackenzie Everett placed 7th.

For the boys, Kellen Blandford placed 4th, Anton Zarhorov placed 5th and Christian Heady 6th.

In the 50 back, Bernadette Albright placed 8th and Ashley Wectawski 9th. For the boys, Ryan Mattingly placed 5th and Nolan Batcher 9th.

In the 50 Breast, Marya Mbaraka placed 8th and Skylyn Goldberg placed 10th. For the boys, Nathan Naber placed 2nd, Hayden Roberts 8th and Aiden Blandford placed 9th.

In the 50 free, Brooke Payne was 2nd, Abby Schultz 3rd, Kelsie Mieczkowski 5th and Kate Neville 8th. For the boys, Noah Miesner placed 2nd, Tyler Wectawski 3rd, Ryan Mattingly placed 5th, Corey Singer 6th and Andrew Masters 11th.

In the 100 free, Kelsie Mieczkowski placed 3rd, Molly Conway 4th and Rinad Mohamed placed 11th. For the boys, Harrison Albright placed 2nd, Hayden Albright 4th, Tyler Robinson 5th and Alexander Bridgmohan 7th.

In the 100 Breast,  Marya Mbaraka placed 6th, Bernadette Albright 8th, Skylyn Goldberg 9th and Mackenzie Everett 11th. For the boys, Jordan Parker placed 1st overall, Oscar Kingsley 3rd, Nathan Naber 4th, Hayden Roberts 7th and Jacob Monson placed 10th.

In the 100 Back, Abby Schultz placed 3rd and Molly Conway 7th. For the boys, Harrison Albright placed 1st overall, Hayden Albright 3rd, Corey Singer 4th, Michael Li 6th and Nolan Batcher 9th.

In the 100 Fly, Brooke Payne placed 1st overall. For the boys, Jordan Parker placed 1st overall, Tyler Wectawski 4th, Oscar Kingsley 5th, Alexander Bridgmohan 9th and Andrew Masters placed 10th.

The girls A Free Relay won the event including Abby Schultz, Kelsie Mieczkowski, Kate Neville and Brooke Payne. The Free B relay for the girls in included Ashley Wectawski, Bernadette Albright, Mackenzie Everett and Molly Conway placed 6th. The Free C relay including Skylyn Goldberg, Rinad Mohamed, Marya Mbaraka placed 8th.
The boys A Free relay placed 2nd including Jordan Parker, Tyler Wectawski, Harrison Albright and Noah Miesner. The Boys B relay placed 4th including Corey Singer, Oscar Kingsley, Nathan Naber and Hayden Albright. The Free C relay for the boys included Aiden Blandford, Andrew Masters, Michael Li and Hayden Roberts placed 7th.

The next swim meet for the Mustangs is this Friday night at U of L at 7pm for the Trinity Girls Night Out Meet. Come cheer our swimmers on!