Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Girls and Boys Track Win Regional

By: Madison Thompson

After a successful Cross Country season, the NOHS Girls and Boys Track teams keep up the momentum by becoming the 2019 Track Regional Champions. There are 18 events in a track meet.  The Girl’s Track Team Coach, Brian Crumbo, explains that this can be difficult because “we always have several groups doing different workouts at the same time, with some overlapping.  So, coordination is complex.” Despite, this Coach Crumbo says “the athletes have been a very hard-working and fun group to be with, and so being with them is a joy.” Coach Crumbo has been very happy with the performance of the team so far this season. “We’ve been through a lot together and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

The Boys Track Team is coached by Brian Ruggles.  Coach Ruggles says that this year, “we’ve had a few injuries and some bad weather.” As a coach, he connects and works with the team by “paying attention to how they are feeling, and how their workouts are going. I also try to understand what they are trying to accomplish during the season and how I can help them achieve those goals.”

In planning for the regional tournament, Ben Stratford said that “preparation was just getting my mind focused on what I needed to do to help the team out.”  Allison Byers shared that “we [the team] have been working since the winter so it’s safe to say we’ve got our training in.” Connor Newhouse felt “really confident going into regionals. I was the favorite so there was a little pressure but I knew I was prepared and that I was going to be able to go out and run some good races.”  Jillian Bailey said “what prepared me was definitely my coaches and my mindset for the meet and having high expectations for myself.”

Despite the success, Logan Boone feels that running isn’t just about the competition. In his opinion, “running is one of the few times I feel like the weight of the world is lifted off me because when you are running a 200 or 400 you’re not focused on anything but running your best, keeping your arms going and your knees high.” Track is both an individual and team sport, Meredith Yurt says that “my inspiration to run is my team and the feeling of winning with them and as an individual.” Jackson Kuhn shared that his biggest inspiration comes from his family who are all runners. Jillian Bailey finds her inspiration from her team, “I’m inspired to run through my coaches and friends on the team.”

Both the boys and girls track team now have their eyes set for state. Ben Stratford’s goal for the team “is to get top 2. Obviously I would rather win, but it is going to be very challenging.” Jackson Kuhn’s goal is to win the 4×8 at State!  Ali Ikram is optimistic for this years state competition. “The end goal is always to win a championship for the team. We have many guys this year who are capable of accomplishing this.”

Congratulations to the track team on their regional titles, and good luck at State on May 31!