Coaches Training Checklist

Coaches Training Checklist

Must be completed by both paid and volunteer coaches

1. CPR: (To be renewed every 2 years) must be completed before coaching begins and remains current throughout the duration of your coaching tenure.

  • Your certificate is good from _____________ to ______________

2. NFHS Coaching Class & Two Tests (Lifetime)

    1. The class and subsequent two tests must be completed and passed within one year of your hire date or first official date of your sport’s next season, whichever comes first. You can access the schedule for these classes on Go to the dropdown box in “coaching education info.”

3. KMA Safety Course – Found at the KHSAA website (To be renewed every 2 years)

    1. Date Completed ______________________

4. KHSAA Sport rules clinic (Yearly) –

This must be taken during the month your sport begins. If you are late you will incur a late fee of $100.00 to be paid by you.

Dated completed _____________________

5. OCBE (Yearly) Active in July

Date Completed______________________